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In April 2020, Apple announced that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be discontinued. When the iPhone 11 arrived, the less popular iPhone 8 had to clear the way. If you’re planning on selling your iPhone 8, you can give it one last push by doing so online. When you sell your iPhone 8 online, you should expect to get a good price.

The iPhone SE has also replaced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as Apple’s base model. Despite their flaws, they will help you earn some money. The iPhone 8 is worth around £200, and the iPhone 8 Plus is worth around £300. Here are a few more info about how to sell an old iPhone 8.

The worth of an old iPhone 8

The price you’re offered for an iPhone 8 is determined by a number of factors. You can get a quote by entering model and brand information on various websites. Quotes for handsets in various conditions will be issued to you. To get an accurate quote, change the choices. New devices are those that are still in their packaging, while broken devices are those that have become outdated and damaged.

Changing the network provider and memory on a phone would also affect the quotes you get while selling it.

What about phones that are locked to a specific network?

Even though you’ll get less money for network-locked phones, you can still sell them. It also depends on the network provider with which it is linked. As soon as you receive your iPhone 8, double-check that it is network-locked to a particular carrier.

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Unlocking your phone would guarantee a higher number, and it is not difficult to find out how to do so. Most significantly, you must send a request to your transporter, which may take several days. As a result, you can use a different SIM card. If you don’t have one, make a backup of your data, delete your device’s settings, and get a new one.

What is the best way to sell your iPhone 8?

It’s simple to get rid of your unwanted iPhone 8 and make some fast cash. Follow these helpful hints to get a good price for your gadget.

Request a quote: You will look at a variety of websites. You can enter the model info in the search bar on the website’s sale page. As a result, different quotes will be issued for various scenarios. You can choose one from the options that best represents your iPhone 8. You’ll still need to figure out who your network provider is and how much room you have. So far, you haven’t had to enter any of your personal information. If you’re happy with the quotations, you can enter your contact information to be contacted.

Send the phone: You should return your iPhone 8 in the packaging provided by the seller. There will be a couple of forms with important information on them. As a result, make sure you fill it to the brim. If you want to, you can also add the additional accessories.

Wait for the payment to arrive: When the buyer receives the phone, they will inspect it to ensure that it is in the same condition as you described. They’ll finish making the payment until they’ve received confirmation. If there are any discrepancies, they will notify you and provide you with a new quote. It will be determined by the condition of your phone. You have the choice to accept or reject it. It will be cued when you approve the quote.

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